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Tips To Sell Your Book

by Dallas Hodder Franklin

You've spent hours of love writing your book and now it's ready for the world. How will people find it? The Internet has opened up a wide marketing venue waiting for you. Here are some tips to help you sell your book online.

Promoting Online:

Build a Website. This is the most practical way to promote your book online. Develop your Website in a professional and friendly manner so visitors can get to know who you are. Write as if you're talking to a friend at the kitchen table. This is much more personable and entices readers into your world more readily.

Develop a Newsletter. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A monthly newsletter letting subscribers know about your book and any book signings, etc. keeps them informed. Include an excerpt in each issue to grab their attention. Go through your book and read it as if it's someone else's book. What jumps out at you? What excites you? Offer tips on how to publish a book. You've done it and have valuable information for others. Share testimonials in each issue.

Run a Contest. How are you going to run a contest? Ask a question related to the book whereby one would have to read the book to know the answer. The winner could receive a free copy of your book. Even if your readers already own a copy they would probably love to win a copy to gift another.

Book Pricing. When you decide what your book price will be make sure it ends in a seven. It's been a proven fact that seven is the most favorite number. I've tested this experiment and know it works. This fact alone will make a big difference to your sales.

List Announcements. Once you begin sending out your newsletters subscribe to as many list announcement groups as possible. Just go to and do a search. Once you've joined the lists make it a habit of sending out a promo as often as the list allows. Every now and then don't send out a promo. Don't, you ask? Well many people will see an Ad so often they automatically screen it out. It's also a good idea to change your promo every couple of months to keep it fresh.

List with Directories. There are countless directories online that allow you to enter your Website or Newsletter for free. People search these directories looking for specific newsletters/ezines and once you're listed it's easier for them to find you. Go to a search engine like and enter a search. Just follow their guidelines and devote a few hours a week to join new directories.

Search Engine Listings. This is probably the most feasible way visitors find you. You can go to each of the main search engines and enter your data individually or buy software that allows you to do a mass search engine listing. The latter way is much easier and less time consuming but be careful when using this software. Many of them say they will enter your Website into thousands of search engines but many of these are FFA (Free For All) sites. They aren't very productive because your site won't stay on the page very long and you'll be inundated with countless emails.

Advertise in Newsletters. You'll find lots of newsletters to promote your Website or book for free. You probably are already subscribed to some that allow you to do this. If you aren't, search out those that permit you to do this. But just because some of them don't do promoting of this kind doesn't mean they're to be discounted. Many do ad swapping and that's another excellent way to promote.

Offer a Guarantee. Always offer a money back guarantee. Adding this to the promotion of your book shows the reader that you truly believe in your book. It tells them that you know they will love your book and find it valuable. If someone wants a refund it's worth your while to give it. Stand behind your guarantee.

Have a Sale. People love sales. Offering a discount will increase sales of your book tremendously. It can be something you do during holidays such as Christmas or a brief summer sale. If someone is interested in your book but couldn't afford it this entices them to buy it for a cheaper price. Don't forget to make the sale price end with a seven.

Remember your book is like your child. It will leave a mark upon the world long after you're gone. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction, if it interested you it most likely will interest countless others too. When you start incorporating these methods into your marketing efforts you'll feel joy every time you make a new sale. Enjoy the feeling and enjoy the sales!

2002 Dallas Hodder Franklin
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